You Just Got Fired, Now What?

By Nicole Carter | May 19, 2021 | Career Coaching Guides

Getting fired, downsized, restructured, terminated, or laid-off – no matter what you call it, it comes as a shock, regardless of the circumstance.  Even if you were anticipating it, or planning your exit, when the initial shock of termination wears off you are left to figure out what to do next.  Take a breath, don’t panic.  You have time and options.  Perhaps you are considering rushing to find a lawyer.  While an employment lawyer is essential in some cases, they are not always necessary. 

Before you go that route, consider connecting with HR Factor.  As Career Coaches, with years of experience inside of the minds of employers, we can help.  Getting fired isn’t the end of the world.

Here are just a few of the ways that HR Factor can turn this negative experience into a positive one for you:

1. Offering immediate reassurance. 

You don’t know the ropes of termination, but we do!  Our direct and immediate step-by-step coaching on what do next is based completely on your unique situation.  By clearly explaining the steps of the termination process with you, we can instantly reduce your stress levels and offer reassurance.  We will answer all of your questions and ask a lot of our own.  We will find out everything that we need to know and make sure that you know exactly what to do next and when. Knowledge is power. 

2. Translating your termination paperwork. 

Sometimes it is hard to understand the complexities of your termination contract.  Not only that, but employers often impose time constraints that have you feeling rushed.  Don’t stress – we will review each section of your paperwork with you. We will explain exactly what your employer is providing and what they might expect from you in return.  In addition, we will let you know if you are being treated fairly and if you are entitled to more.  If you are, HR Factor will coach you on how and when to communicate with your employer to ensure the best outcome. The experts at HR Factor weigh all of the relevant variables in your situation and advise you on exactly how and when to negotiate the terms of your termination contract. 

3. Navigating your employment rights. 

Whether you fall under provincial or federal jurisdiction we can help.  Not sure where you fit? Don’t worry.  We can figure that out too.  Understanding your rights under the appropriate employment legislation is critical when negotiating the terms of your separation.  Employment legislation can be complicated.  The jargon and terms can be difficult to understand, specifically when it comes to how it all applies in your unique situation.  We know employment legislation, we know common law provisions, and most importantly we know how the mind of the employer operates.  Don’t leave money on table.  It’s likely that you are entitled to more than what your employer is offering you.  Let us help.

4. Understanding your eligibility for government support. 

Your severance pay won’t last forever.  We will help you to determine your eligibility for government support programs and let you know when and how to file all of the relevant documentation.  With our guidance we will ensure that you maximize, and exhaust, additional financial support programs during your transition back into the workforce.

5. Determining the complexity of your situation

In some circumstances, seeking legal advice or support is absolutely necessary.  Through just a quick call, HR Factor experts can determine if this is the right path for you and share what you can expect from legal support.  Get some answers in advance and know exactly how to approach an employment lawyer for representation.

6. Planning a fresh start

Once you are over the immediate shock of your termination you will want to start your employment search.  HR Factor can guide you step-by-step through the job seeking process.  We will get you, and your resume, ready for new opportunities.  We will also prepare you for interviews and coach you on if and how to share your recent termination with potential new employers.

Great people get fired; it’s what you do after you lose your job that makes the difference

Most importantly we will help you to regain your self-confidence and empower you to take charge of your future.  Great people get fired; it’s what you do after you lose your job that makes the difference.  Fostering a positive mindset and reframing the termination event will set you on the path to success. 

Getting fired doesn’t have to be scary, it all starts with a conversation.

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