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Definition of NLP

Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) coaching is an ongoing and trusted relationship between a coach and a client. The NLP practitioner/coach works with the client to quickly discover and tap into their most productive life strategies and values to make significant, positive and long lasting life changes. NLP works with the unconscious mind to eliminate existing biases or limiting beliefs of an individual’s map of the world. In addition, the NLP coach provides tools and specific protocols to help the client maintain and build on their success.

Who Can Benefit

  • Anyone who wants to improve their current state of being
  • Anyone who feels stuck or lost
  • Anyone who is struggling to accomplish their goals
  • Anyone who is lacking confidence or focus

Nicole Carter

Meet Your NLP Practitioner

A progressive, client focused Human Resources executive with extensive global and national generalist experience, providing strategic, results driven HR leadership. Nicole has a psychology background with over 25 years of experience helping individuals overcome their blocks and become the best they can be. She is a true generalist in all areas of Human Resources and a trusted authority in human behaviour. 


Certified NLP Practitioner 
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
Certified Hypnotherapist

Outcomes and Expectations

Encourage & Assist

Nicole will encourage and assist you to discover your needed resources through tasking and other NLP “creating your future” processes

Elicit Best Results

Nicole will offer support and elicit your best results through on-going relationships

The Cause & Effect

Nicole will make sure you stay on the cause side of the cause and effect statement and thereby accomplish the desired results

NLP Coaching Vs. Traditional Therapy

NLP Coaching

Traditional Therapy

Is about working with a client
Is about working with a patient

Asks how, what, what if, and define wants with structure and processes
Asks what and why

Is interested in a person’s present and works to help them in creating a compelling future
Generally works with a person’s past and the traumatic events therein and seeks healing of those events

Defines a partnership of equals
Defines a doctor-patient relationships

Remembers that coaching is a model of learning which focuses on the future and its achievable goals and outcomes
Relies on the DSM to diagnose present pathology. Operates in a medical or clinical manner

The Blocks

Have You Ever Faced Any of These Blocks?

A career path is never a straight line moving upwards. Inevitably, career paths get stuck and it can be hard to navigate through certain critical junctures. It can become especially difficult when you’ve tried your best to overcome the block but keep falling short.

With Nicole’s help, support and guidance you’ll finally be able to overcome those blocks and get your career path moving forward again. Depending on the problem you’re experiencing, Nicole will use different techniques and tools that challenge you in new ways.

How NLP Will Help You

  • Clarify goals
  • Find your why
  • Find solutions to obstacles
  • Achieve success
  • Build upon your skills and develop new ones
  • Build confidence
Workplace or Personal Conflict
Interpersonal Relationship
Goal Setting
Career Blocks
Lack of Progression
Stress and Anxiety

4-Stage Neuro-Linguistic Programming Process Based on Blocks

Nicole’s NLP practitioner process is simple. She will start with understanding you and your motivations. She’ll work one-on-one with you to ensure that your needs are met and that you’re positioned to thrive.

How NLP Coaching Brought A Client From Workplace Anxiety to Getting Promoted

Client Has Intense Anxiety

Client has intense anxiety when it comes to workplace presentations which has held her back from promotions for years. She opts to start NLP therapy with Nicole Carter, a certified NLP Practitioner.

Public Speaking is Blocking Point

Within the first meeting Nicole applies techniques that allow her to recognize that anxiety of public speaking is blocking the client from progressing.

Set Up Tools to Implement

Nicole provides specific and tailored set of tools for the client to implement immediately so she can begin to address the root cause.

An Anchor Point is Implemented To Help With Anxiety

Nicole then continues to work with the client building up ‘anchor points’. This is the the key mindset alteration that Nicole helps the client build to overcome and conquer the anxiety for the long term.

Client Testimony

NLP Client – Rebecca S.

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, and that’s exactly what I did when I reached out to Nicole for help.  I actually didn’t know a whole lot about NLP, but a friend who had worked with HR Factor for career coaching suggested that it might be something that would be good for me.  I felt like I had tried most things to reduce my anxiety when dealing with challenging situations at work.  I used to freeze up sometimes when talking to my boss or if I had to make a presentation.  Even on Zoom my heart would race and I would mess up my words.   I felt like my fears were holding me back.  After just two sessions with Nicole, I learned some really useful techniques to calm myself down – immediate game changers.  I also quickly gained a better understanding of my way of communicating and how to adapt in different work situations.  My confidence shot way up and things at work have done a 180.  I’m really glad I reached out.


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