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Ensure your small business is optimizing all of
its resources, especially the PEOPLE

Optimize Your Small Business

Making a small to mid-size business successful requires optimal use of all available resources.  While you might have the expertise to do most things, you could excel even further if you invested in your most valuable asset, your employees.  Rely on the people experts at HR Factor for your Human Resources needs. 

Their extensive experience can provide you with the right guidance and tools to make your people the foundation of your organization.  From basic to complex, HR Factor offers a range of best practice HR solutions to suit your needs. 

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Building Your HR Foundation

Smartly run businesses require structure and guidance.  By getting to know you, and your business, HR Factor can help to determine what core HR processes, tools and policies are required to support you and your employees.  The experts at HR Factor know how to quickly and practically implement critical people processes that will ensure legislative compliance, operational excellence and positively impact your bottom line.  

Strategic HR Management

You have defined a business strategy, now what about a PEOPLE strategy?  Let HR Factor be your strategic human resources partner. Our proactive approach to people management involves a process of developing and implementing HR programs and/or selecting key performance indicators (KPIs) that aim to resolve your business challenges and directly contribute to significant, long-term business results.  

Fostering Talent Management

What makes a good business great is its people. Develop an effective Talent Management strategy that is tailored specifically to your needs. Aligned with your business culture, values and goals, your talent development strategy will work to continuously attract, retain and develop high quality employees. HR Factor will invest time in understanding your business and create a custom talent strategy that will set you up to succeed. Right people, right time, right place. 

Small Business Burnout

Human Resources For Small Business

Running a small business can be rewarding, but it can also pose some exceptional challenges. Often small businesses are required to make things work with limited people resources and a scaled down infrastructure. Avoid falling into the pitfalls of small business burnout and optimize your chances for success. 

  • Attracting, Selecting and Retaining the right talent 
  • Establishing & Implementing HR Policy
  • Fostering Positive Employee Relations  
  • Progressive Conflict Management  
  • Employee Engagement & Effective Employee Communication strategies 
  • Performance & Talent Management  
  • Compensation Total Reward Strategy  
  • Benefits & Pension/Retirement Savings Plans  
  • Pay & Employment Equity
  • Workforce Planning and Organizational Development 
  • Disability Management & Return to Work planning
  • Termination & Outplacement Support 
  • Navigating the Employment Standards Act (ESA) and Canada Labour Code (CLC)  
  • Work/Life Harmonization strategies 
  • HR Systems analysis and implementation 
  • Defining Your Values & Culture   
Human Resources (hr) for small business

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5 simple ways to optimize talent in a small business

5 Simple Ways To
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Ensuring your talent management strategy is designed to empower your employees is critical in a small business. We work with businesses through a simple five step process. Firstly, establishing clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Then we make sure you have the right person for the right job. Ensure you are providing opportunities for development. Understand and know what your employees’ value. And finally, communicate, communicate, communicate. Read the full case study below.

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