5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Career Coach

By Nicole Carter | February 14, 2022 | Career Coaching Guides

Are you considering hiring a career coach? If so, that’s great! Career coaches can be extremely beneficial in helping you reach your professional goals. However, before you sign up for coaching, there are a few things you need to ask yourself. Here are 5 questions to help you decide if getting a career coach is right for you.

Why Do People Use Career Coaches

There are many reasons why people use career coaches. Some people want to assess their skills and strengths, while others are looking for guidance in finding their ideal job or career path. Career coaches can also provide you with the tools and resources that you need to land your dream job. If you’re feeling stuck in your career, or want to take your work to the next level, a career coach can be a worthwhile investment.

When do you know that it’s time to look for a new job? Here are are few signs that might be time for a change:

  1. You’re not happy at work
  2. Your best skills are going unused
  3. There is no opportunity for advancement
  4. You no longer feel challenged
  5. The work environment is toxic

If you’re considering hiring a career coach but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for you, here are five questions you should ask yourself before finding your coach:

1. Do you know what your career goals are?

First, you need to ask yourself why you might want to hire a career coach. What are your goals? Do you think a career coach can help? Many times, a recommendation from a friend or family member to get a career coach is the push someone needs to decide to take action and hire one. If that’s why you’re considering hiring a career coach, then great! Don’t second guess yourself, just do it!

2. How Much Time & Money Do You Have To Invest In Coaching?

Next, you need to think about the amount of resources you have. Ask yourself, “How much time can I commit to coaching?”

Do you have an extra $500-$2000 dollars a month you could spend on career coaching? What return do you hope to get for your investment of time and money? Career coaching can be expensive, however the cost will vary by coach. It’s vital that you’re committed to the process and that you find a coach you trust. That said, if a coach is able to provide you with the specific direction and information that you’ve been searching for it will be well worth the investment in yourself and your future. The sessions should quickly pay for themselves in results.

If you are unsure about whether or not you can afford coaching, read this article on the 5 benefits of career coaching.

3. Are You Ready For Change?

Maybe you’re not quite sure about whether or not a career coach is right for you, but you’ve decided that change is what needs to happen next.

People often say they are ready for change but never actually take any concrete steps toward change. A career coach can help guide you and hold you accountable to your goals and aspirations. Sometimes we need someone to push us beyond our comfort zone and help us achieve our goals. A career coach can also provide clarity in work situations and help improve your self confidence, ensuring you get the results that you want.

4. Can You Commit To The Demands And Obligations Of Working With A Coach?

If you sign up, you will need to commit to meetings with your career coach. How much time you will need to invest depends on what areas you decide to focus on and the way that your coach works. Ask yourself if you have the time to commit to these meetings. It might not take a lot to get you going in the right direction. Coaching is often tailored specific to the clients unique situation. If you have been wasting time, spinning your wheels wondering what steps to take, hiring a career coach might be just what you need to make a change. You will end up saving time in the long run.

5. Do You Know What Type Of Coach Is Best Suited For Your Situation?

There are many career coaches out there, and it’s important that you find someone who is right for you. After researching potential career coaches, ask yourself if one of them stands out as the best choice for you. Take a look at testimonials and gather as much information about the person as you can. Your coach should have a proven track record of helping others reach their goals and dreams, just like you!

If you have thought through your answers to all five questions, then congratulations! You might be ready for a career coach. If not, take some time to think about what’s holding you back from moving forward. What will it take to help you feel ready?

It may not be easy, but keep in mind that change is difficult for everyone.

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